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biotin or vitamin B7 for hair loss
Health & Medical

Is biotin good for hair loss? Vitamin B7 or H for hair growth

When it comes to hair loss, biotin seems to be one of the best marketed and best seller products both online and at pharmacies and retail shops with a wide range of shampoos or supplements that promise hair growth or marketed in general for healthy hair, skin and nails. Several doctors still recommend biotin as

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collagen supplements for healthy skin
Health & Medical

Collagen supplements for skin: do they actually work?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in the body. In the dermis layer of the skin, it has a key role in making it strong and able to withstand stress like stretching. Being found in large quantities in the skin, roughly 70-80% of its dry weight, collagen makes it full and loss

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prp hair loss
Health & Medical

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is an increasingly popular treatment in the field of regenerative medicine including as treatment for hair loss. What is PRP? Platelet rich plasma is a product of our own blood which exploits our innate ability to regenerate tissues when we are injured. To prepare PRP, a small volume of blood is taken

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