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cell releasing molecules in the sourrounding environment
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Senescent Cells and SASP in Aging and Longevity Medicine

In the longevity medicine field, one of the spotlights is being cast on cells that reach an important stage in life, specifically, senescent cells. When cells are stressed, depending on the cell, type of stressor and intensity of the stimulus, they can respond by inducing repair processes, inducing cell death, or inducing senescence. These senescent

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hallmarks of health
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What are the 8 Hallmarks of Health?

Health is often defined simply as the absence of disease. However, in this article, we will delve into a more nuanced understanding of health. Here, health is not merely the lack of something negative, but rather, it is characterized by a series of dynamic features that actively maintain a state of well-being and stave off

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biological age vs chronological age
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Chronological age, biological age and deep aging clocks

Aging is a very complex biological phenomenon characterized by a gradual decline in physiological function, accumulation of damage, the development of age-related diseases, increased frailty and susceptibility to infections and eventually death. Genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle factors all influence the aging process, the lifespan and healthspan. What is chronological age? Chronological age is defined

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