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area of tear trough deformity
Health & Medical

What is the tear trough deformity? Causes and treatment

The under-eye area is reason for concern for many men and women. Whether it is because of dark circles, hollowing or puffiness, an increasing number of patients goes to cosmetic clinics for a consult hoping to find a way to fix this issue. The tear trough deformity, aside from subjective beauty standards, is often cause

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fasting for blood test
Health & Medical

Fasting for blood work: what blood tests require fasting?

If you have been prescribed some blood work, you may be wondering whether you need to fast or not before having your blood drawn. Commonly prescribed blood tests that require fasting are the blood glucose test (blood sugar), the lipid panel (triglycerides and cholesterol) and the metabolic panel. In general, your healthcare provider should instruct

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