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The Best Guide to Hip Replacement in Thailand

Total Hip Replacement is a safe and effective surgical procedure commonly performed in Thailand on foreigners coming from overseas, known as medical tourists.

The hip arthroplasty treats a variety of conditions the most common being hip osteoarthrosis as well as many others having the same symptoms: pain to the hip joint, functional limitation with difficulty walking and inflammation of the joint.

Why having hip replacement in Thailand?

There are many reasons to undergo medical and surgical procedures in Thailand instead of your home country.

One of the most common reason is the savings when comparing the hospital bill to that of other western countries, but this mainly applies to the uninsured or underinsured patients and anyway should not be the main reason for choosing Thailand for surgery.

Thailand has world-class medical centers that boast the most advanced equipment and medical technologies, thanks to the billions invested in the healthcare sector since the early 2000. Their modern design and attention to the patient’s need makes them look like 5-star hotels when compared to the hospitals you find at home. Not only the facilities are among the best worldwide, but the doctors and surgeons undergo training both in Thailand and in the centers of excellence around the world, in the USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, … their skills and qualifications are on par or better than most medical professionals around the world. Moreover, there is almost no waiting list, whilst at home you might have to wait months or even years to undergo a hip replacement, with the worsening in quality of life and depression that come for living with the symptoms and not being promptly treated.

For these and many other reasons Thailand has become the leading hub for medical tourism.

How long should I stay in Thailand for Hip Arthroplasty?

Hip replacement surgery lasts about 1-3 hours depending on the specifics of the case. To undergo the surgery, on average, an inpatient hospital stay of 3-5 days is required. 10-14 days after surgery, the stitches or surgical staples are removed during the last follow-up with your surgeon; after that you are allowed to travel back home and follow-ups with your home doctor will be sufficient. Physical therapy will begin on day 1 after surgery and you will continue the rehabilitation for several weeks, but it can be started in Thailand and finished at your home with a local physical therapist. This timeline is an estimate as it varies based upon many variables such as the patient’s age, gender, other medical conditions, type of surgery, 1 or 2 side hip replacement… your surgeon will provide all the details tailored to your specific case.

For more details on hip arthroplasty check out our thorough article on the topic.

How much does hip replacement cost in Thailand?

The cost of hip replacement surgery in Thailand is about 8,000 USD. This price is an estimate as it can vary depending on the chosen clinic and surgeon, the specific individual case of each patient and on what it is included in the package.

The same procedure in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe has a cost of approximately 12,000-45,000 USD depending on the location and on what it’s included in the package, but without the perks offered by the Thai medical tourism sector.

The top hospitals and clinics for hip replacement surgery in Thailand

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