Blood glucose level conversion chart (mmol/L to mg/dL)

Blood sugar levels can be measured both in mmol/L and in mg/dL. In the USA, blood glucose levels are given in mg/dL while in the UK the standard is mmol/L. 

The table below will help you convert from one unit to the other.

If you have a blood glucose monitor, you may be able to switch from one unit to the other, although not all meters allow that. Check the manual for more information.

If you want to convert the value by yourself, the conversion factors are:

  • 1 mg/dL = 0.0555 mmol/L
  • 1 mmol/L = 18,018 mg/dL

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What are normal blood glucose levels?

Each lab or doctor may set different ranges for what is considered normal. Moreover, this also depends upon whether you have been already diagnosed with diabetes or not and whether you are fasting* or recently had a meal.

  • Normal values in fasting* healthy adults are: 60-100 mg/dL or 3.3-5.6 mmol/L

* fasting is defined as not eating or drinking anything other than water in the previous 8-12 hours

Blood Sugar Levels Conversion

Conversion table for blood glucose levels (glycemia) from mmol/L (UK Standard) to mg/dL (US Standard)
mmol/Lmg/dL mmol/Lmg/dLmmol/Lmg/dL
0.610 6.111016.7300
0.815 6.712017.8320
1.120 7.213018.9340
1.425 7.814020.0360
1.730 8.315021.1380
1.935 8.916022.2400
2.240 9.417023.3420
2.545 10.018024.4440
2.850 10.519025.6460
3.155 11.120026.7480
3.360 11.721027.8500
3.665 12.222028.9520
3.970 12.823030.0540
4.275 13.324031.1560
4.480 13.925032.2580
4.785 14.426033.3600
5.090 15.027036.1650
5.395 15.528038.9700
5.6100 16.129044.4800

Values in RED cells are life threatening and require immediate medical attention, please call the medical emergency number immediately! 

Values in YELLOW cells require urgent medical evaluation, please call your GP or 911 for advice.

The glycated hemoglobin or HbA1C conversion table can be found on the page linked here.