Monsplasty: mons pubis liposuction with pubic lift

The monsplasty, also known as mons pubis reduction surgery, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is part of the many “designer vagina” procedures available to this date.

The mons pubis or pubic mound is the round fat deposit located in front of the pubic bone, extending vertically from the upper part of the labia majora to the lower part of the abdomen and extending horizontally between the two inguinal folds. Starting from puberty, due to estrogen the fat deposit starts growing and with physiologic aging, pregnancy, genetics or weight gain it can create a bulge which may be very hard to get rid of even with rigorous diet and exercise. There may also be sagging, usually due to aging or fat loss.

By constantly seeing images in the medias of women with perfect bodies, with the widespread intimate waxing or permanent hair removal procedures which uncovered an area once invisible because covered in hair, and with bikinis and tight clothing being part of today’s fashion trends, women around the world became self-conscious about the mons pubis and often look for a way to fix it.

monsplasty mons pubis liposuction with pubic lift cosmetic surgical procedure

Mons pubis surgical procedures

Depending on the characteristics and on the expectations of the patient, there are several different surgical techniques available to address the mons pubis bulge.

Mons pubis liposuction without lift is a procedure that may be indicated in younger women who still possess elastic skin, while those with stretched skin or considerable volume to remove may have unaesthetic excess skin left by undergoing liposuction alone.

Mons pubis liposuction – Tumescent technique

Liposuction is a well-known procedure consisting in the insertion of a cannula which removes fat tissue through suction. The tumescent technique is a safer and better liposuction technique:

  • It does not require general anesthesia
  • It is an outpatient procedure, not requiring overnight hospital stay
  • Does not require blood transfusion
  • It is less invasive and less traumatic
  • It uses smaller cannulas

Mons pubis liposuction with the tumescent technique starts with the injection of the tumescent solution, a mix of:

  • Adrenalin, being a vasoconstrictor it minimizes blood loss, meaning also less swelling and bruising and faster recovery.
  • Lidocaine, a local anesthetic effective for carrying out a completely painless procedure without requiring general anesthesia thus avoiding its risks.
  • Normal saline to dilute and increase volume
  • Sodium bicarbonate which reduces the acidity of the solution therefore reducing the discomfort from the injection itself.

After the onset of the anesthetic effect, the surgeon performs two small incisions concealed in the inguinal folds, one on each side, and then inserts a small cannula to suction the fat tissue. After removing an adequate amount of fat tissue, the incisions are closed with fine sutures.

After the procedure a compression garment is usually worn for 4-6 weeks and a moisturizing cream may be indicated as well. Some numbness in the area is normal and resolves in a couple of weeks.

Mons pubis lift with lipectomy

Mons pubis lift is performed with a horizontal and slightly curved incision on the bikini line. A spindle shaped portion of skin is excised to achieve the lift and then skin is sutured using resorbable stitches. The surgery can be coupled with a lipectomy, the surgical excision of fat tissue, or with a liposuction to also reduce the volume of the mons pubis while tightening the skin. The procedure may be carried out under local anesthesia or if coupled with an abdominoplasty it will require general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of the procedure, drains may be placed for 1-2 days.

After surgery a compression garment is worn for a couple of weeks and physical activity should be limited for 2-6 weeks. The final results can be seen about 6 months after surgery.

Mons pubis noninvasive medical procedures

There are also several ways to address skin laxity and the fat pad in the mons pubis region with noninvasive medical treatments such as with CoolSculpting, Vanquish, SculpSure, Ultrashape and Thermage devices which work using cold, radiofrequency, laser, ultrasounds and infrared thermal energy respectively.

Not all patients are good candidates for these non-invasive treatments, and you should not expect major changes for which surgery is the best option.

Risks of monsplasty

The monsplasty is generally a safe and effective procedure, but as any other medical or surgical procedure it carries some risks: infection, scarring, bleeding, damage to nerves or to surrounding structures, poor aesthetic result and dissatisfaction with the procedure are among the possible complications.

Costs of the monsplasty

The price varies depending on the chosen clinic and surgeon, on the country where you’re undergoing surgery and on the specific procedures performed.

On average, in the USA the cost for the mons pubis liposuction alone starts at 2,500 USD up to 7,000 USD when coupled with the mons pubis lift.

In the UK the price starts at 2,000 GBP up to 5,000 GBP (2,600-6,600 USD)

In Thailand the cost starts from 50,000 THB for the tumescent liposuction up to 85000 THB for the mons pubis lift. (1,600-2,500 USD).

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