pregnant woman after intercourse in fertility window period

Fertile window period: when are you most fertile?

When planning a pregnancy, fertile window is a term you may hear a lot about. If you are actively trying to conceive it is important to understand what the fertile window is and when is it in your specific case. You should also follow a healthy lifestyle and start taking pre-natal vitamins from 1 month

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blood pressure check for hypotension or low BP

Hypotension: low blood pressure causes and remedies

While having blood pressure in the lower range is generally desirable, when BP is too low it may cause symptoms in which case it is known as hypotension. Low blood pressure may also cause concern because the perfusion of all tissues and organs depends on it, meaning that if it is too low our body

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What is bone marrow edema? Causes and treatment

Bone marrow edema, or bone marrow lesion, is a term you may have encountered in an MRI report and typically seen in traumatic injuries or in inflammatory conditions, but it can have many other causes. What is bone marrow edema? Bone marrow edema is a common finding in magnetic resonance imaging studies. The major symptom

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Medications and supplements to lower triglycerides serum levels

If you have high triglycerides levels, you may be looking into medications and supplements that can help you lower serum triglycerides. First intervention to address this health concern is to change your diet and lifestyle, but sometimes and especially with high (<200 mg/dL) and very high lab values, medicine and supplements may be indicated or

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Breast implant removal guide – Reasons and Options

Breast implant removal procedures have been fairly common in plastic surgery. In the USA, about 300,000 patients request a breast augmentation every year, while around 10% of that number, about 30,000 patients, request implant removal. All women undergoing breast augmentation with implants will require at some point in their life a revision surgery: this is

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