Inguinal Hernia – Symptoms and Treatment

An inguinal hernia is a bulging in the pubic or groin area of the abdomen, near the left or right inguinal canal, which develops due to a weak abdominal wall. The small intestine or fat tissue may push through such weakness and protrude resulting in a bulge and often in groin pain, especially when exercising,

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Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) – Symptoms and Treatment

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a generally mild but highly contagious disease caused by a virus. It usually affects children below 10 and in particular those below 5, however it is also possible for adults to get the disease. Hand foot and mouth disease is commonly caused by a coxsackievirus, but other types

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What is Allergic Cough? Symptoms and remedies

Allergic cough is defined as cough caused by allergy rather than an infection. Cough is one of the most common signs and symptoms of diseases both in adults and children, from a common and transient respiratory tract infection as the common cold to more serious and chronic illnesses which can even be life-threatening. In this

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Round vs Teardrop Implants for breast augmentation

Breast implants for breast augmentation surgery come in many different ways and one of the most common questions among patients is whether you should get a round implant or an anatomical teardrop implant. Aside from shape then you’ll have to find an answer to many more questions such as: What size? From 80cc to over

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resorbable stitches aka absorbable sutures

Dissolvable stitches: how long do they last? (complete guide)

Dissolvable stitches are also known as dissolvable sutures or absorbable sutures and are one of the ways to hold a wound, cut or surgical incision closed so that it can heal properly, minimizing scars, bleeding and the risk of infections. The main types of surgical sutures are: Dissolvable (absorbable) stitches, which are resorbed by the

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Non-surgical fat reduction to get rid of stubborn belly fat

There are several options to get rid of stubborn belly fat that do not involve surgery, inpatient hospital stays, scars, pain and downtime. These nonsurgical fat reduction technologies use heat, cold, ultrasounds or an injected medication to remove stubborn fat deposits. They are also known as non-invasive body contouring procedures, a broad category that comprises

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IVF Gender selection for a baby boy in Bangkok, Thailand

Gender selection or sex selection is the process of choosing the sex of a child in order to conceive a baby of the desired gender. Gender selection is achieved with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and pre-genetic diagnosis (PGD) and is a medical procedure which is available in Bangkok, Thailand. Why parents want to choose the sex

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woman face receiving an injection for aesthetic dermatology purposes

Injection lipolysis: fat dissolving injections

Injection lipolysis, also known as intralipotherapy, is a minimally invasive medical procedure for targeted fat reduction. Commonly referred to as fat dissolving injections, intralipotherapy is a form of mesotherapy and one of the nonsurgical fat reduction options available in cosmetic medicine. What is injection lipolysis? Intralipotherapy refers to the injection of a broad range of

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hyaluronic acid treatment face chart areas indications

Facial dermal filler injections guide

Dermal fillers, also known as injectable soft tissue fillers, are the second most popular minimally invasive procedure in the field of cosmetic medicine and surgery, the first one being botulinum toxin injections (Botox). Dermal fillers are mainly used for facial rejuvenating purposes to fight the signs of aging, such as lines and wrinkles, but are

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